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          Director of Photography

Demo Reel


  We offer special rates for camera support, monitoring, and accesories when added to standard packages. See list below.


Full Production Package in 3/4 ton Van with 4 carts-- $800 for 10 hours including DP--All the gear in the picture below loaded on carts in a van--CAMERA - HD MONITOR - LIGHTING AND GRIP    - DOLLY AND JIB SYSTEM- SOUND PACKAGE


Panasonic HVX200 or Canon 7d




Day rate with HVX Package and DP --    $800 for 10 hours including labor and equipment listed below: 


1 Panasonic HVX200 HD Cam or Canon7d

1 28-135 zoom, 35,50,85mm Canon Primes (with 7d package)

2 16 gig p2 cards (or 2 16 gig CF cards for 7d)

1 Laptop computer for P2 downloads

2 4 hr batteries w charger

1 Sachtler Video14II Tripod w spreader

1  17" Panasonic  HD Monitor w Stand

1 Component RGB breakout cables for monitor

1 Black Magic HDMI to HDSDI Converter (with 7d package)



1 LTM 1200 watt PAR HMI with lenses

1 LTM  575 watt PAR  HMI with lenses

2 Kino Flo 2' 4 Banks with 3200 and 5600 Globes

2 Kino Flo 2' 2 Banks with 3200 and 5600 Globes

Kino Barfly 200 kit with menace arm kit for backlight with 3200 and 5600 globes

1 1k Openface with Chimera,

1 1k fresnel

2 650w Fresnel with  1 Chimera,

 2 200w Fresnel

1  Source 4 Leko with window shade patterns for treating walls

1 set misc gels for diffusion and treating backgrounds

1 6X6 Frame

1 6x6 Ultrtabounce

1 6x6 Solid

1 6x6 Silk

2 4x4 Floppiy Solids

2 3x3 Floppy Solids

2 2x3 silks

2 2x3 singles

2 2x3 doubles

2 2x3 solids

2 3x3 bounce cards

8 c-stands

6 baby stands

8 apple boxes

12 sandbags

2 Furniture blankets

2 Cardellini clamps

2 6" C-Clamps with baby pins

2 1k hand dimmers

8 50' stingers

8 25' stingers

4 power strips

4 cube taps

Losmandy Porta Jib


Losmandy Spider Dolly

40ft  rubber flextrack for curved or straight runs (18' run)

4 carts 


Sound Kit -

Sennheiser 416  Shotgun Mic

5 section boompole with shockmount

1 Sennheiser Zeppelin

1 Rycote softie

2 Sennheiser G-2 Lavs,

1 Rode Cardiod condenser

PSC 3 channel mixer with Porta Brace case

ENG Cable

Comtec Kit (3 wireless headphones for director, script supervisor etc.)


Canon 5d Package Add $100

Varicam Package: Add $650

Digibeta Package: Add $650

Sony XD-355  Package: Add $800 

Sony F-900 Package: Add $900

Sony Ex-3Packaage: Add $200


Standard Package including DP --$500 for 10 hours including labor

Day rate with HVX Package    $500 for 10 hours including equipment listed below: 

1 Panasonic HVX200 HD Cam

2 16 gig p2 cards

2 4 hr batteries w charger

1 Sachtler Video14 II with spreader

1 8.4" Marshall DP Model Monitor

1 Component RGB breakout cable for monitor

Support and Monitoring

12' Kessler Crane w Kpod base and Varizoom Remote w iris, focus, and zoom control. (click here for product page)  $100.00/day 

Losmandy Porta-Jib (click here for product page)  $80/day  $160/week

Glidecam 4000 Handheld Stabilizer (click here for product page)   $25/day  $50/week

Losmany Spider Dolly (click here for product page)(Call for Prices on Track)  $75/day  $150.00/week

Panasonic BT-LH 1700W - $100/day $200/week

Sharp 26" HD Monitor w Stand - $60/day   $120/week

Marshall 8.4" DP Lcd with HD-SDI and Component inputs $80/day $160/week

Marshall 7" HDMI/ Component monitor $60/day $120 week


Redrock M2 Package: $300/day   $600/week (package includes below list)

Redrock M2 Compact 35mm Lens Adapter

Zeiss Prime Set

Mattebox, Follow Focus, Rod system 

Any additional equipment can be ordered from Mcnulty Nielsen at extremely competitive prices, those prices are listed at mcnultynielsen.com such as...




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